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Acrylic painting in watercolour paper Image size is 33cm x 27cmPaper size is 42cm x 29.5cmAlthough I suffer quite badly from motion sickness I’ve always liked to be near or on the water. At uni my sport was rowing and after the initial shock of being up and out of bed at 5:30 in the middle of the English winter and hopping into a boat, I would love the tranquility as the sun rose and the beauty of the river banks and the reflections of light on the water as my body and mind woke up. These days I’m not really up for the vigour and discipline of competitive rowing, but I do love to get out and about in a kayak or in a friend’s motorboat on Middle Harbour or Lake Conjola. These trips inspire me to paint and thus is why I paint so many pictures from the water. This is acrylic paint on watercolour paper and requires framing

From the Water V

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