Oil on panel, framed in white timber box frame

60cm x 50cm x 0.5cm (unframed)
63cm x 53cm x 5cm framed

This is an portrait of Professor Attila Brungs in the new library and reading room recently constructed at UTS in Sydney. I previously painted Professor Brungs got the Portia Geach Memorial Award for portraiture I’m 2016. Since then, Attila has gone on to lead substantial changes at UTS, seeing the University go from strength to strength. The physical buildings have evolved from the UTS brown tower to also include a magnificent building designed by Frank Gehry and the very beautiful new building that includes this bright and inviting reading room standing adjacent to the courtyard. 
Since the arrival of Covid the University sector has struggled and this has placed immense pressure on leaders like Attila Brungs to ensure the sustainable future of our education system. I would certainly describe Attila as a man of integrity and one of the best humans out there.

One of the best